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A FAMILY story

Distillateur de père en fils depuis 1902, une tradition familial qui continue.

La 5ème génération est prêt à reprendre le flambeau et vous accueille dans la distillerie au cœur de la Drôme Provençale. 

Producteur Distillateur Drôme Provençale


The history of the Buis distillery begins in 1902.

Joseph Nicoleau buys the first large still in family history, n ° 186, with this mobile device Joseph tours villages through Buis les Baronnies, Saint-Auban, Montbrun-les-Bains, etc.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

A fruitful tour which allowed him to earn an honorable living since at the time almost everyone made their own wine!

It was enough to have an arpent of vines to be authorized to distill 1000 degrees, that is to say 20 liters of brandy at 50 °.

A privilege now lost ...

Gaston Nicoleau then succeeds Joseph with the archaic still which will always hold out on the road throughout these great years.

In 1952, it was Henri Nicoleau who took over with his wife Hélène.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

They then bought a small still less expensive to maintain but older since the date of its creation is unknown but would go back well before 1900 according to experts ...

They then continue to distill only with this one.

Gilbert Nicoleau has taken up the torch since 1993.

He ensures family continuity, producing brandy and liqueurs according to ancestral recipes.

He still uses this still for the distillation of the marc.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

As for n ° 186, it finished its race in 1996 joining a museum in the region.

And then, the th generation of distillers is also on the move with Franck Nicoleau who has already been ensuring the family tradition for a few years with his father.

Hope is at the end of the road, there may be a new niche to be discovered, a certain reconversion to be done, new formulas to be studied so that the "der des der" of the Boxwood distilleries survive!

Producteur distillateur de père en fils.

Joseph Nicoleau
1ère génération

distillerie nicoleau

Gaston Nicoleau
2éme génération


Henri Nicoleau
3ème génération

distillerie nicoleau

Gilbert Nicoleau
4ème génération


Franck Nicoleau
5ème génération

buis les baronnies
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